Chiro Games

Point Systems

The Chiropractic Games promises to host a high degree of competition between schools and students. In the interest of appropriate awards to top teams, the Chiropractic Games present both medals and trophies in acknowledgement of athletic achievement. The medals, which are adorned with the Chiropractic Games logo on the front, are presented to all the athletes competing on the first, second, and third place teams. In addition, trophies are presented to the top three teams in the overall competition.

The point system is as follows:

  • First place: 10 points 
  • Second place: 6 points
  • Third place: 4 points

The Chiropractic Games overall trophy is a traveling trophy originally donated by the Delta Sigma Chi Fraternity of Logan College in 1992. Etched on the front is the official Chiropractic Games logo. Each year the total points accumulated by teams playing in non-exhibition sports are tallied with the school scoring the most being declared the Chiropractic Games Overall Champion for that year. There are no exhibition sports in this year's games, so every sport will count towards the overall championship point totals

Past champions are:

1992 Logan 1993 Palmer
1994 Parker 1995 Palmer
1996 Parker 1997 Parker
1998 Parker 1999 Parker
2000 Palmer 2001 Palmer
2002 Palmer 2003 Palmer
2004 New York 2005 Parker
2006 Parker 2007 Parker
2008 Parker 2009 Logan
2010 Parker 2011 Parker
2012 Life 2013 Parker
2014 Life 2015 Parker
2016 Palmer-Florida and Parker 2017