The Chiropractic Games started in 1992 and have since become an annual tradition ranking as one of the athletic and social highlights of the academic year for many chiropractic students.  Beginning at Logan College in St. Louis, as the idea of student (now Doctor) Karm Virk, the initial Chiropractic Games attracted 225 students representing seven schools.  The five original sports were volleyball, basketball, golf, soccer and softball.  Over the next couple of years the Chiropractic Games grew in popularity and scope; 350 students attended the second tournament in 1993 and 450 traveled to Parker in 1994.  During that time flag football, ice hockey, mountain biking, women’s soccer and a 5K run were added to the program.  In 1995, the event exploded as 725 student athletes representing nine schools convened at Palmer College to both compete and pay homage to the Centennial Anniversary of the profession at its birthplace in Davenport, Iowa.  In 2000 the Chiropractic Games continued to flourish as 1,100 students from 12 schools ventured to New York College of Chiropractic in Seneca Falls.  Past hosts Logan, New York, Parker, Logan and Palmer colleges have created a glorious legacy.  We sincerely thank them for their efforts and will endeavor to uphold the tradition.


The Chiropractic Games offer student athletes the chance to meet, compete, socialize and forge friendships that can last a lifetime.  During the day everyone plays hard, eager to prove that his or her school has the best athletes.  The evenings provide a more relaxed, social atmosphere, allowing everyone a chance to experience the nightlife of the host city and share good times with colleagues from the other schools.  The event culminates on Sunday evening with an awards ceremony to honor the victors of the athletic competitions.